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Lessons Learned from a Seasoned IDI Agent: Guest Video Blog by Steve Brady

Steve Brady

Steve Brady

Lessons Learned From a Seasoned IDI Agent          

By Steve Brady, National Accounts Sales Director at The Standard (Standard Insurance Company)

Steve Brady is one of the most creative disability insurance specialist in our industry.  Steve put the Standard on the disability insurance map in a significant way when he helped them bring back to the market in the early 2000’s a true own occupation definition for all physicians (among other innovations). Such a bold (and successful) movement is characteristic of his innovative approach to marketing and sales.

Not surprisingly, when he put together this training video of about 30 minutes,  he did it in his own unique way. Steve is our first guest to provide content for our blog and I feel very fortunate that he was willing to share this very special training video–it is a great introduction to IDI sales.

Join Steve on a ferry journey as he recounts real-life sales stories from his more than three decades of selling individual disability income insurance (IDI).  Steve discusses target markets in need of income protection, key IDI contract provisions, and sales strategies proven to work. Watch Video. (http://players.brightcove.net/1079186452001/default_default/index.html?videoId=4902637574001)


One thought on “Lessons Learned from a Seasoned IDI Agent: Guest Video Blog by Steve Brady

  1. Non Applicable

    Steve should start a new occupation as a writer, in clergy, career and health educator or as an occupational therapist! His creativity is powerful and could help so many people outside of the insurance industry.

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