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DIBrokerEast Celebrates Sales Growth in 2018

DIBrokerEast-Eskra & Associates celebrated a very successful 2018 with a trip to Eleuthera with our top sales reps and their spouses. In an industry that has seen relatively flat sales growth in the last few years, we have been fortunate to continue growing–we are lucky to have such good sales partners.

L to R: Gabriela Trench, David Eskra, Michael & Lauren Eskra, Clarke Morris, Ana Victoriano, Brendhan and Kim Crowley, Cathy & Peter Eskra, Diane & Todd Forny

Our top four sales reps last year were Brendan Crowley, Clarke Morris (Southeastern States including GA, TN, AL, MS, NC & SC), Tim Murray (Tampa and Central FL–not shown), and Todd Forney (Illinois and other Midwestern states). Brendhan was the winner last year, beating out perennial favorites Tim and Clarke. Brendhan has brought to us a tremendous expertise in GSI from his many years at Metlife as a regional wholesaler for them. He works primarily in the Philadelphia area.

Brendhan, Clarke, Todd and their spouses (Tim could not make it this year) accompanied Michael, Peter and David to the Cove on Eleuthera for a delightful long weekend. The event was a very low key fare with the highlights being a delicious dinner at the Cove Friday night, time on their beautiful beach with some of the clearest, prettiest (in my opinion) water in the world, and then another delicious dinner at the Front Porch. The Front Porch is a small local restaurant that we took over, where we feasted on locally caught Hogfish, shrimp, lobster and some really great spicy chicken wings—very casual and highly recommended. A few of the group ventured off property to jump in a local swimming hole and to visit Harbor Island. Everyone seemed to have a good time and to enjoy the break.

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